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PART2: STAYING IN TOUCH (full radio show)
Until August 2008
Grand Uncle made a series of radio shows, during which he interviewed members of our audience, developing the stories of the 4 characters in collaboration with them.
He shares his love for Jimi Hendrix and Electric Guitar on his radio program, broadcasting from his deck!
He would like to thank his old mate Doug Leonard for his response to FAQ!!!

music: Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz, Bob Marley and Brynne
voices: Doug Leonard as Grand Uncle, Suzon Fuks as Esmé, Miljana Peric as Gisela, Morehu Solomon as Peter Smith, Scotia Monkivitch as Kathy, Helen Varley Jamieson as Heather's mum, Elizabeth McBain as Lizzy, with Tara Rebele and Brynne as themselves.

#4 Kathy, anonymous, Brynne song, Hendrix song
Brynne, Peter Smith, Lizzy
Esme, Gisella, Tara, Brynne
first show